Finding That Perfect Singapore Driving Instructor

If you want to pass your test and get your Singapore driving license on your first attempt, then you should go with private driving instructors because of a myriad of reasons as mentioned in my previous post.

There are several ways you can go about getting the best private driving instructor in Singapore to coach you and help you pass your driving test on the first attempt.

– Sign up with sglearntodrive – they are a match up agency for students and private driving instructors. (My recommended method)

– Ask your friends who have passed their driving test on the first try and ask them to refer you their private driving instructor. Take note though that if a lot of people have passed on their first driving test in Singapore with a particular driving instructor, then chances are he or she will have an extremely busy schedule packed with students and their private driving lessons.

– You can drop by one of the waiting areas where these private instructors usually wait for their students. (I do not personally recommend this method but this is a way of looking for your instructor) For people who want to take their lessons and exam at Ubi, simply go to the coffee shop next to Comfort Delgro Center’s main car entrance. For students looking for lessons at Bukit Batok Driving Center, go to the Bukit Gombak MRT station and go to the open air car park behind. There are many instructors waiting for their students there. For Singapore Safety Driving Center students, you want to go to the bus stop opposite Admiralty MRT as that is the place where a lot of private driving instructors will wait for their students.

Take note that there are only a few regions demarcated for private driving lessons and there are many areas such as Jurong and Pasir Ris which are not allowed to have driving lessons in it. If you see driving instructors’ cars there, it is usually illegal so you do not want to learn from such instructors because if they are not honest with the law, how can you expect them to be honest with their students?

Life After Obtaining a driving license

So you have obtained your Singapore driving license now? Congratulations! Hopefully the tips given by me on my blog have helped you pass your driving test in Singapore.

You have joined the club of qualified drivers in Singapore, like me! You no longer have that provisional driving license and it is replaced with the real driving license in Singapore. Your next step now will be to get a car and drive your car around Singapore so that you can save time spent on public transport. Even though public transport in Singapore is more efficient than most other countries, driving a car around in Singapore is even more efficient and will save you even more time. Why go for second best (public transport) when you can already own the best (a car)?

However, I recognize the fact that not every one would be able to afford a car in Singapore super easily, and so for those of you who wants to push back the plan to buy a car if you do not need it now or that if you cannot afford it now, make sure to go for refresher driving lessons in future before driving again because your driving skills may get rusty by that time in the distant future.

Many people panic when driving on the roads once again after not having driven for a long period of time. For such cases, you want to get a private driving instructor again next time for refresher courses to refresh your driving skills before you drive your own car! It will be safer for you and the others on the roads of Singapore. You also don’t want to damage your car as a result of your poor driving too.

Get a Good private driving instructor

Though I recommend to you to take driving lessons from a Singapore private driving instructor, you should be aware that there are both good and bad driving instructors around in the market. In every industry, there are bound to be a black sheep. So make sure only to learn from the best private driving instructors. How then do you identify such a person? (he or she may not match my following description to the tee but should meet most of them).

A good private driving instructor is someone who is patient, willing to teach and impart you the driving skills required in Singapore and around the world. He should also be an honest person. He comes on time for the driving lessons you signed up for and starts punctually on time. He gives you the best value for your money and constantly tries to give you more coaching in the areas you are weaker at. He will also try his very best to teach you in a way that suits your learning most (because different people learn best using different teaching methods).

A bad private driving instructor on the other hand is someone who is impatient, always nagging at you when you make a mistake and sometimes even raise his voice. He may also be selfish and not be willing to teach you efficiently and quickly, and let you repeat the same moves over and over again so that he can say you are not yet ready to take your driving test and he can charge you for more lessons. (take note though, that there are many times where the student is genuinely bad at driving and is clearly not eligible to go for his or her driving test). He also may be late to the lessons and expect you to pay in full still. He takes advantage of you and your money.

Choose wisely on the private driving instructor to take your driving lessons from. If you are not sure who to look for, just search for such private driving instructor and students matching agencies on the Internet (a.k.a. Google)

Preparation for the Driving Test

In addition to the tips I have shared in the previous posts, this post is dedicated to the preparation work to be done before the driving test to improve your chances of passing the test when you finally go for it. Driving test Singapore is nothing to be afraid of – you should be able to pass it on your first try if you are prepared enough for it.

1. You want to get a warm up driving lesson before the driving test with your private driving instructor, preferably for 2 hours. This will refresh your driving skills and allow you to be at the peak of the game when you attempt your driving test.

2. Have a good sleep the night before – this will make you mentally alert during the driving test which is crucial for you as you will need to be fully aware and react to the surroundings.

3. Take some talcum powder with you and puff it onto your hands if you know that you suffer from sweaty palms – this is so that your hands do not slip off the steering well during your driving test.

4. If you are a school student try to get more outside road driving lessons (although I think it is not allowed). If you are a student taking lessons from private driving instructors, request for more driving inside the circuits. Most private driving students do not get enough driving lessons inside the circuit area and thus their failing points (if applicable) are all caused by the driving circuit elements.

5. Singapore roads are generally busy during 3 periods of the day. Early morning around 7 to 9pm, lunch hours between 12 to 2pm and dinner time between 5 to 7pm. Make sure to book your driving test on timings other than those above mentioned. This is because the roads will then be emptier, and the chances of you passing the test is higher. (because you may not but most students panic during busy periods on the roads when going for their Singapore driving test).

Driving Tips

Here are some of the tips I feel is really important especially for beginner drivers without any prior experience whatsoever. The tips below applies to both manual and auto car learners. These are all keys to get your Singapore driving license as soon as possible..

Most people make it sound difficult – don’t let it be the case for you. Don’t be like most people. Learn from me A.K.A. John Peng. JP. your online private driving instructor Singapore.

1) When going for your theory driving test, just memorize the book you can buy from Singapore Popular book stores. There is no point in wasting time and money signing up for the test revisions with the driving schools. If you have experience studying for a history exam before in Singapore, then studying for this theory driving test is simple.

2) Moving on to practical driving test tips, make sure to only always ease into the accelerator pedal. No matter how much you love jamming your feet into the pedal like Too Fast Too Furious actors always do, or no matter how timid you are and would like to tap the pedal, just ease into it, otherwise your car will jerk.

3) When the car is moving fast and you want to come to a stop, ease harder into the brake pedals when the car is moving fast, and when the car is slowly down already, then slowly release the pressure on the brakes. Although it would make sense to do the opposite, this way, your car doesn’t jerk to a halt. It comes smoothly to a gradual stop.

4) When it comes to the curvy roads circuit element, students who learn from private driving instructors may mount the kerb. This is because of 2 reasons: students who learn from private driving instructors in Singapore usually take much fewer circuit lessons and they are also more used to outside roads which have heavier traffic but are wider. Therefore, for such students (or every one else too), pay close attention and do not try to preempt the curvature of the roads and only turn when it is the right time. This way you ensure that you do not mount the kerb on either sides of the curvy road during your actual Singapore driving test

More About Private Driving Lessons

If you have ever wanted to learn driving (most people want to learn to drive), then you might have been pondering over the various types of driving lessons Singapore has to offer – ranging from private driving instructors’ lessons to formal driving schools’ lessons.

There are definitely different boons and banes to each of these, and the following discusses them relatively in-depth. Disclaimer: I used to take private driving lessons, so I may not be 100% accurate about school lessons.

1) First of all, I may not be able to take lessons anytime I wish to for private driving because there is only one instructor I learn from and he had other students as well. If you learn from a popular (but good) private driving instructor, his or her schedule will usually be more packed and you would have slightly less choices in terms of timings for your next lessons. This is in contrast to driving schools where there are so many instructors.

2) This leads me to the second point – private driving instructors are more customized to my learning curve and thus I felt they taught me pretty well though at the expense of having to wait longer for one lesson. School teachings are more structured but slightly too rigid. What I feel is that the private driving instructor was able to know how I best absorbed knowledge and so he will constantly teach me in that way. This is versus driving schools where they really only know where you have learnt till, but they may not all be able to teach you the way you want to be taught and best learn.

3) Driving school instructors definitely do not pick students up from their home but for private driving instructors, there is a chance some of them are actually willing to do pick up. So that saves time and makes it more convenient for me as well. Mine did not but that is because he is very popular and have lessons every hour of the day so he does not have the luxury to pick up and send students off.

4) Private driving lessons are definitely much much cheaper – in some cases, less than half the price school charges. It’s crazy how expensive schools charge. Ridiculous.

I recommend you go for private driving instructors unless you feel rich and would like to get controlled by the school’s regimentation – not for me.

Passing Your Traffic Police Driving Test On 1st Try

It is the dream of many people to pass their Traffic Police exam on the first try and quickly get their driving license Singapore.

So from my experience about learning driving in Singapore and taking private driving lessons here, what have I learnt that I can impart onto you? Here are some of the best notes I have scribbled down in the past after my classes.

Do not attempt to let go of the clutch pedal without lightly stepping on the accelerator pedal. (manual) Chances are high that you will go past the biting point of the clutch and your car will stall. Just step lightly on the accelerator pedal each time so there’s 0 chance your car will stall.

Do not signal too early –> this is the case if there is a turning before the one you actually want to turn at.

But despite the above point, you want to always signal before you look at your blind spots and then changing lanes or turning. This is because if you check for blind spots first, see no cars incoming, then signal after that, it is possible that a car suddenly appears in your blind spot area which would then be very dangerous because both you and the other driver / car may not be able to react on time.

Drive just right under the speed limit – always. Although some students err on the side of driving too slowly – take note. This is also a big mistake and you will be given ‘demerit’ points during your Traffic Police practical driving exam. Speeding is dangerous and will cause accidents and you will get penalized during your Singapore driving test. On the other hand, road hogging (driving too slowly relatively to the road limit) is not dangerous but will cause traffic delays to other people and so you will also get penalized during your driving test.

Even if you see the Singapore traffic police person ticking away furiously at his or her iPad, he or she may just be going through the motions of ticking the checklist of things you have already completed and may not necessarily be penalty points for your driving test. Hence, do not panic. Many students panic here and start performing poorly afterwards and this causes them to really fail their examination. Do not care about the driving tester and just do what you need to do, that is all. Concentrate on driving well.

Always exaggerate your blind spot checking motions. This is because the driving tester cannot actually see your eyes moving around but he or she can often see your head physically moving about to check for blindspots as well as checking the traffic conditions in your side view or rear view mirror. Make sure to always follow this tip – if you do this, you have a high chance at passing your Singapore driving test on the first try as many people fail here. Not many driving instructors tell their students about this point.